About Us

I'm not a cook. I'm not even a foodie. I don't make extravagant meals every night or spend every waking moment thinking about food. The one exception to that is tacos.

In 2007 I started eating tacos on a regular basis. My best friend and I would watch Survivor every Wednesday night and make a large taco feast. We started off with little form or reason for our ingredient choices, but it slowly evolved into a night about tacos just as much as our favourite show. We spent time working out proper meat to vegetable proportions, deciding the length of time to melt cheese onto our soft shell tortilla wraps (that would later engulf the hard shell taco), and crafting a process for producing the best tasting meat possible.

Until mid-2014, we'd been using pre-packaged taco seasoning from the store. It came in those convenient one-time use pouches and had a taste we'd grown to love — until we read the ingredient label. The first two ingredients were salt and maltodextrin. Too much sodium isn't good for you, and I had to look up what maltodextrin was. It's used in soda and candy, and doesn't play well for those with gluten intolerance. Add monosodium glutamate (MSG) into the mix, and we needed a better solution.

There are a ton of do it yourself taco mixes online, so I tried a few. They were good, but not exactly what I was looking for. I then started deviating from those recipes until I made a batch of tacos that I couldn't get out of my mind. The smell was amazing. The taste was even better. I used only natural ingredients, little salt, and no chemicals.

My friend came up with a homage to our beloved show for the name, and I setup shop as Castaway Kick.

I want to share this taco seasoning with other taco lovers out there. You don't have to feel bad about what's going in your body when you have a taco night. You can savour every bite as it was meant to be enjoyed with Castaway Kick's Ultimate Taco Seasoning.